Monday, October 5, 2009

Stalkers Exposed

We've finally reached the end of week four, therefore, class 24 was the standard end-of-the-week review. Don't be lulled to sleep though - Bueno, entonces... Learn Spanish worked its usual magic by introducing many new concepts, even more than they generally do. In addition to reviewing por vs para and ser vs estar, we also learned how to express opinions. I learned some of the subtleties between creer (to believe) and paracer (to seem/opinion), and also learned how to say that I am in agreement with someone/something more formally.

Another thing that was particularly apparent today was that the speed of conversation has increased drastically. Jimena seems to be talking at the speed of the native speaker she is, and David's Spanish is improving enough for him to be holding his own. I found myself needing to read more of the dialogue as I was missing small details when only listening. It's nice to see the class kicked into another gear with one week left - they're kicking us out of the nest and telling us to fly.

Despite the abundance of teaching, Bueno, entonces... Learn Spanish still found time to provide comic relief. The class started with Jimena telling David she was following her boyfriend through the mall to see if he was cheating on her. This was followed by David confessing to Jimena that he was trailing his mother in Mendoza to see how she was behaving with her new adolescent boyfriend. There were several times I actually found myself laughing out loud at the dialogue - kind of embarrassing, but I think this says a lot about how fun Bueno, entonces... Learn Spanish makes learning a new language.

I'm super-excited for tomorrow's class where we will supposedly be covering "hard-core verb tenses." I'm not sure what to expect judging from prior topics, but I hope we delve into the past and future.

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